მთავარი აქტუალური არქივი კონტაქტი გამომცემელი
President of the Republic of Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia: The Nomenclature Revanche in Georgia

Beginning from the 1987 in the whole Soviet Union democratic and national-liberation movements have been activized. The rulers of the USSR, seeing impossibility of continuing cold war and having intention of retain communist Empire, began seeming changes and liberalization, named "perestroika". Simultaniously, in spite of freeng of political prisoners, they continued bloody repressions against these movements especialy in Vilnius, Tbilissi, Baku and other centres. Under the pressure of peoples will and world public opinion, they were forced at last to allow in some republics non-communist elections, which led to the declaration of independence by these republics, what was followed by total-disintegration of USSR.

In Georgia national-liberation and democratic movement had it's culmination punct in October 28-th, 1990, when first democratic multyparty elections were held. It was a true bloodless Revolution, when communists were obliged to give up their power to the democratically elected parlaiment and government. After 70 years Georgia first time received all democratic freedoms, free mass media, freedom of political life, freedom of religion.

It's a great mistake to think, that soviet government of Kremlin and local communists surrendered without struggle. Seeng the defeat of their military punitive action of the 9-th of april 1989 against national movement, they began to create pseudo-opposition, which had strong criminal armed groups (so called " Mkhedrioni"), legalized by communist government, so called "national congress", "elected" by false elections, whose purpose was political fight and terroristic acts against the true national movement, as well as criminal extremist groups in so called "South Ossetia", which began suppression and terroristic acts against georgian population, being ruled from Moscow KGB and Politburo. Activizing these forces, communists intended to prevent democratic elections in Georgia, but civil disobedience, mass demonstrations, actions of Protest of students and at last railway strike has forced them to allow elections, in which communist party had also taken part.

After the defeat of communists on elections, the great majority in Parlaiment has won election block "Bound table-Free Georgia" under my leadership, communists of Moscow and Tbilissi and all mafia forces connected with them, began preparations for revanche. From the very day of my election as a speaker of Parlaiment on November 14-th 1990, criminal groups of "Mkhedrioni" began attacks on police departments and bloody disorders all over Georgia, "national congress" tried to organize actions of protest, in Moscow Shevardnadse, Popkhadse, Mgeladse and other renegate-communists formed staff for overthrowing legal government of Georgia, organising at the same time great propagandist campaign in Moscow and in the whole world for it's discreditation. US administration, personally president Bush and secretary of State J. Baker, whith whom Shevardnadse had direct personal relations, supported strongly this campaign against the legal authorities of Georgia, which was going to secede from Soviet Union, and had it's main aim to create independent democratic state. In western mass media, which were repeating all lies of soviet propaganda, appeared an image of a cruel dictator of Georgia," Saddam Husein of the Caucasus ", who was suppressing all political freedoms, arrestimg political opponents, violating Human Rights, oppressing national minorities, leading fascist war against them, proclaiming slogan "Georgia for Georgians". But in fact, everything was quite opposite. There were 25 oppositional newspapers in Georgia, which sistematically criticized and slandered president and Parlaiment, and nobody persecuted them for that, opposition was granted by an " alternative hour " on state TV, governnent even offered opposition to create independent TV Channel. Due to the total political freedom, all parties and organizations, hostile to go­vernment, were constantly helding demonstrations and rallies of protest, all of them having it's own newspapers and armed groups. Citizens were arrested only for concrete violent deeds, not for political views or propaganda. National rights of national minorities were equal with the rights of georgian population, abolishment of so called South Ossetian autonomy was done by South Ossetian parlaiment itself, which proclaimed independent republic, and the decree of Georgian parlaiment was only a constatation of fact. Violence and disorder in so called South Ossetia was provoked by extremist forces inspired from Moscow. The slogan "Georgia for Georgians" was never proclaimed by me, it was an invention of Moscow propaganda.

On march 31,1991 in Georgia has taken place referendum on independence, in which more than 90 % of population voted for independence and on april 9-th independence was declared by Supreme Council. On may 26-th first ptesidental elections have been held, and I was elected as a first president of Georgia. After this total political and economic blockade was enforced, as well as all destructive actions against the legal Georgian Government, Gorbachov sistematically invited me in Novo-Ogarevo for signing Union Treaty. After my refusal Kremlin has elaborated concrete plan of overthrowing of the constitutional government of Georgia. President Bush visiting Soviet Union in summer 1991 and persuading Ukraine to stay in the Soviet Union, announced me as a "man who has been swimming against the tide", and later his secretary of State Baker announced, that there is an authoritarian regime in Georgia which will never be helped by the US administration. This was a signal for armed "opposition" to begin it's activity. As a member of Russian Parlaiment Mr. J. Afanasieff lately stated, Gorbachov and Shevardnadse provided 65 million roubles for finansing coup d'etat in Georgia.

In conspiracy against the legal government of GEORGIA have taken part some it's members and also members of the parlaiment, which were in close contact with Shevardnadse in Moscow. Namely, Prime minister T. Sigua and the chief of the national guard T. Kitovani, minister of foreign affairs G. Khoshtaria, speaker of the parlaiment A. Asatiani, members of parlaiment V. Adamia, N. Natadse, T. Paatashvili and others.

Sigua and Kitovani led agitation in the national guard, created by me and tried to persuade them, that I had been supporting Moscow coup and Janaev, promising them to show some documents about it, namely the act of interogation of Janaev, which is not shown by them up to this day. On the contrary, I was the first president, who appealed western countries on the second day of the coup, on august 20-th, and asked defence of all elected presidents and parlaiments in Soviet Union, calling the organizers of the coup "reactionary forces". This appeal was printed in the russian newspaper in Tbilissi "SWOBODNAYA GRUSIA", and was transmitled by all agencies of the world. They cheated young, unexpierienced guardsmen also, that I was going to dismantle and disarm national guard, because I have issued a decree, in which I stated, that national guard is subordinated to the interior ministry being it's part, what was necessary for protecting it from Moscow putchists.

By such unworthy means they have succeeded in enticing on their side the significant part of the national guard, and created military camp near Tbilissi, hostile to me and Parlaiment, gathering in this camp all members of "opposition", mainly criminals, drug edicts and black marketeers. They were financed by Moscow and local mafia, suplied with arms and armoured vehicles, means of communications and military instructors by the transcaucasian military district of Soviet Army (ZAKWO). They were strongly supported also by the significant part of communist inteligensia, privileged in Soviet time, which had lost their privileges after the democratic revolution and were dreaming about the returning of Shevardnadse's time. Among the most shameless lies of Soviet propaganda of that time about me was accusation in attempts of isolation of Georgia, so called " albanization ", when in reality Moscow authorities isolated Georgia themselves , slandering Georgia in "fascism", "totalitarian rule" and preventing me each time by upheavals and disorders in Georgia, when I was going to visit western countries. So was for instance in January 1991, when I was going to Davos, Switzerland and in September, when I was invited to Denmark by danish Parlaiment and to the USA by American Congress. My inability of leaving country was presented to the world as my inclination to the "self-isolation" and " anti-europian" and "anti-american" policy.

Beginning from September 1991, removed officials, criminal mafia and so called "street opposition" have united and began destructive actions against government, demanding resign of the president, creating new "coalition government" and new parlaimentary elections. They have several times attacked Parlaiment building, causing bloody excesses and disorder, occuping building of national TV, attacking central electric station of Tbilissi. I addressed armed opposition several times calling for political dialogue, but without results.

After the failure of Novo-Ogarevo process, seeng inevitability of desintegration of the USSR, soviet leaders decided to create new model of the empire, so called CIS (SNG), for which in Alma-Ata on December 21 was planned meeting of the leaders of soviet republics for signing an agreement about it's forming. After my refusal, Moscow decided at last to overthrow the legal government of Georgia. On December 21 before the Parlaiment building began rallies: one of supporters of legal government and another of the armed opposition, among them officers of russian army. Armoured cars and vehicles appeared on the street, putschists began to shoot in unarmed supporters of the President, killing several citizens.

"Opposition" led agitation of overthrowing "dictature" and establishing "democracy" by violence, what is the well known thesis of Lenin. By this plan, which was supported by Moscow and it's army, putschists, leaded by the former foreign affairs minister and general of KGB Shevardnadse, were going to overthrow legal government and usurp power in Georgia. I openly informed several times georgianpeoople and world governments about this danger, but without result.

ფოტოზე: შეტევა ეროვნულ ხელისუფლებაზე, საქართველოს რესპუბლიკის უზენაესი საბჭოს მიმდებარე ტერიტორია, 1991 წლის 22 დეკემბერი

ფოტოზე: შეტევა ეროვნულ ხელისუფლებაზე, რუსთაველის გამზირი, ფოსტა-ტელეგრაფის მიმდებარე ტერიტორია, 1991 წლის დეკემბერი

ფოტოზე: შეტევა ეროვნულ ხელისუფლებაზე, რუსთაველის გამზირი, ოპერის მიმდებარე ტერიტორია, 1991 წლის დეკემბერი

ფოტოზე: თავისუფლების მოედანი, 1991 წლის დეკემბერი

On December 22 "opposition" occupied the hotel "Tbilissi" and church "Kashweti" before the Parlaiment building and began shooting and bombing parlaiment by artillery and missiles, snipers were sitting on the roofs of buildings, sharpshooting Parlaiment building defended by national guard, loyal to President, which had no artillery, missiles or heavy technique. During the storm of building putschists have burnt down and destroyed all buildings surrounding itf for instance gallery of Arts, House of painters, first school (former aristocratic gymnasium) and others. The central avenue of Rustavelf was in ruins. My living house where my wife and two children livedr was also surrounded and bombed, try ing to take them as hostages, ait last they were saved by President's guard and transported by the armoured car to the Parlaiment, after which house was robbed by bandits and later burnt.

ფოტოზე: შეტევა ეროვნულ ხელისუფლებაზე, თბილისის მერიის მიმდებარე ტერიტორია, სასწრაფო დახმარების მანქანასთან დგას გოჩა ყარყარაშვილი, 1991 წლის დეკემბერი

ფოტოზე: შეტევა ეროვნულ ხელისუფლებაზე, რუსთაველის გამზირი, 1991 წლის დეკემბერი

Siege of the Parlaiment building continued 16 days, was notable with brutality and inhumanism. Snipers shot everybody, who neared the building, even the cars of the first-aide, fire-engines, which could not by that reason quench fires. Number of houses were burnt down, hundreds of people were left without home. Wounded defenders of Parliament were killed in hospitals by putschists, who fought for "Democracy".

At the end of December, aid to the putschists from the russian army has increased. After burning several armouyed machines and tanfes by the President's guard, putschists received new ones. In the building of the Marxism-Leninism institute, where their stuff was situi-ated, came lorries, loaded with arms and ammunition. Exactness of hitting shells, mortors and rockets was so high, that participation of soviet military specialists in this fight oh the side of putschists was without doubt. In some armoured machines, struck by the defenders of Parlaiment were found dead drivers and soldiers of soviet army.

On 27-th of December the guardsmen, who were defending television under the command of B. Kutateladse, betrayed President and gave up tower to the putschists. On January 2nd putschists formed"military council" and "provisional government", consisting of T. Sigua, T. Kitowani, D. Joseliani, which was then freed from prison and joined to putschists with his criminal group. At the same time about 4.000 criminals were freed from prisons, armed and joined to the "army of the fighters for democracy".

სამხედრო გადატრიალება, მთაწმინდა, 1991 წლის დეკემბერი

ფოტოზე: სამხედრო გადატრიალება, მთაწმინდა, 1991 წლის დეკემბერი
Seeing, that war with putschists, supported by soviet army, would result further bloodshed and total destroying of our Capital, on January 6-th 1992, I, with the group of my armed supporters left Parlaiment building under bullets of putschists and went first to Aserbaidshan, then to Armenia and at last to Chechen Republik, where President Dshohar Dudaev gave us temporary shelter. From the capital of Chechen Republik, Grosny, I have sent following appeal to the UN and to all peoples and governments of the world:


I, popularly elected President of the Republik of Georgia, Zviad Gamsakhurdia, address all the people who value the ideals of democ­racy, human rights and freedoms and are not indifferent to the fate of the whole nation, which became a victim of a major disaster.

In Georgia in January 1992, military junta of political adventurers and local mafia carried out coup d'etat in Tbilissi, having forcibly usurped power and started war against the constitutionally elected government and the President, which led to the death of hundreds of people. The capital Tbilissi, was partially burnt down and historical monuments were destroyed on the main avenue of the city. In order to put an end to bloodshed, I, the President of the Republic of Georgia, left Tbilissi together with the members of my family, who also were under the threat of physical extermination. The putschists burnt down the Parlaiment building, loo ted my house, which at the same time is a memorial estate of my father - a wellknown Georgian writer Konstantine Gamsakhurdia. The junta formed a self-appointed government and is commiting unspeakable crimes against people who put up resistance to lawlessness and tyranny. They systematically shoot the peaceful rallies, arrest inocent people including MPs. Their armed forces rob and terrorize citizens. The people have launched a campaign of civil disobedience. Strikes are being carried out at the enterprises, railways and ports. The energetic and food crisis has reached it's peak. I appeal to the U.N. to the peoples and governmments of the whole world to issue a deniunciation of the gross violations of human rights in Georgia bp the junta, to demand a restoration of the constitutionally elected government and also to offer the Georgian people all the help to recover from the disaster, which has been caused by the adventureus actioons of the military junta.

President of the Republic of Georgia
Zviad Gamsakhurdia
Georgia, Jannary 27, 1992

ფოტოზე: სამხედრო ხუნტის შტაბ-ბინა სასტუმრო "თბილისი"

ფოტოზე: ეროვნული ხელისუფლების დამხობით გახარებული პუტჩის ქართველი იდეოლოგები
- ედპ-ს ლიდერები: გიორგი ჭანტურია და ირინა სარიშვილი, 1992 წლის 6 იანვრის დილა, სასტუმრო "თბილისის" წინ
But regretfully, bloodshed continued, iu Tbilissi and all over Georgia. After taking power at January 6-th, criminal junta began repressing and executing supporters of the legal President, killing several hundreds of them in Tbilissi and on thee way to the west Georgia, near the village Ninotsminda (Agaiani), criminal gangs were allowed to rob and kill people on peacefull najnifestations of Protest. In Tbilissi hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated, protesting for the banning of the legal President and Parlaiment, as well as in many towns of Georgia. During these tnanli es tations about hundred men were executed and several hundreds wounded and detained.

It is evident fact that forces of armed "opposition" mainly consisted of criminals, what was confessed even by the self-nominated Prosecutor General of the junta , Vakhtang Rasmadse, who wrote about it later in the newspaper "Sakartvelos Respublika" (February 25-th,1992). Wellknown criminal, Dshaba Ioseliani, having several convictions for murder, robbery and other crimes, became one of the heads of a new "government", as well as anotheer criminal Tengiz Kitowani, having two convictions for various criminal offences in the past. Dshaba Ioseliani officially aproved by television all brutalities of his criminal gangs and threatened, that all demomstrations and meetings of protest will be executed. The most corrinptive "influence junta has on young generation, which is attracted by money, drugs and weapons. During the day they executed peacefull manifestations of protest and at night they robbed population. In Tbilissi and other five cities of Georgia, junta introduced a state of emergency and a curfew, what wa rude violation of Georgian constitution, according to which only legal government and Parlaiment has right of announced emergency state (punct 4).

Later on junta began punitive operations in various cities and towns of Georgia, where ptotest movement continues against the overthrow of the legal government. Acts of ruthless terror and vandalism of these actions of junta described in many reports, published in Georgian unofficial newspapers: "Kartuli azri", "Agdgoma", "Sakartvelos tsis kvesh " and others - In western Georgia protested towns: Gurdshaani, Telavi, Achmeta, Kareli, but after punitive operations of junta forces meetings and demonstrations ceased. But in western Georgia, where junta has less forces, active resistance continues up to this day. It is a great illusion to believe the version of junta, according to which west Georgia supports me more, because I am west Georgian by origin. On presidental elections of 1991 population of both western and eastern Georgia voted for me in equal propertion, especially georgians of Samachablo ("South Ossetia"), Kartli, Kakheti, Meskheti etc. The true reason of the disbalance of the protest movement is in the distribution of junta forces, which are concentrated mostly in Tbilissi, Sagaredsho and other regions of Kakheti, which they can controll more effectively. Junta has launched several punitive expeditions in the west Georgia, against the "disobedient" population of the towns Sugdidi, Tsalendshikha, Senaki, Martvili, Khobi. Information about brutalities, vandalism, terror, robbery and violence, hundreds of victims among peacefull population is published in the newspaper "Sakartvelos tsis kvesh" ("Under the sky of Georgia") N 37, August 16, 1992, which is printed in Chechen Republic. In february 1992 US secretary of State, James Baker visited Moscow and met Shevardnadse and the head of the"provisional government"of Georgia T. Sigua. These unofficial meetings and negotiations prepared ground for returning Shevardnadse, former communist dictator of Georgia, in order to guarantee of "political and economic stabilization, peace and democratic elections". During the visit I sent a telegramm of protest to the secretary of State Baker of the following content: "I express my protest against your intention to visit Georgia, what means support of the most illegal, antidemocratic, criminal and terroristic regime in the world, which has overthrown legal authorities, elected by people, which wages war against it's own people, rudely violates human rights and fundamental freedoms, chastening and executing peacefull meetings and demonstrations, has monopoli zed all sorts of mass media, stimulates criminal world and mafia. In 7 towns of Georgia including Tbilissi there is still curfew. Real power belongs to the wellknown criminal and gangster Ioseliani. Criminal junta misappropriates all humanitarian aid from the west, medicaments and food products and sells it on the black market in a very high prices, people receives nothing. Economic situation is catastrophical, hunger chaos and total destabilization is increasing, there is a great lack of food products and medicaments, many people are dying of hunger and various deseases every day, especially old men and children. Shevardnadse is reviving Stalinism in Georgia, begun mass repressions and tortures, innocent citizens are arrested every day in great quantity for organizing protest act ions, meetings, demonstrations, hungerstrikes, strikes and protests are for bidden, there is a strictest censure in the country. In such situations all possibilities of free and honest elections are excluded. Situation in Georgia very soon will be like Somali and Ethiopia. Supporting of the criminal totalitarian regime by the US administration, establishing diplomatic relations with it, is a rude violation of all democratic principles, on which is based american society, violation of Helsinki Conclusion act.Chartef of Paris, whole international law, causing indignance of Georgian people, which knows about the position of US concerning Cuba, Venesuela and Haiti. As the result, antiamerican feelings are increasing. I demand from the US administration to cease support of the state terrorism and establish contacts only with legal authorities of Georgia, which are now in exile". Later on, invited by a single person, criminal "leader" of Georgia, D.Ioseliani, Shevardnadse arrived to Tbilissi airport, where he was met by a group of "Mkhedrioni" criminals, militiamen and some nomenclatura intellectualls, his supporters. He saluted these intellectualls, who have taken arms and fought for establishing of "democracy". Then he went first to the Sioni church, simulating piety, where he was welcomed by "Patriarch"long time agent of KGB and then to the "government house", where he was "elected" as a head of the new anticonstitutional body - so called State Councill, which was the same military Councill, broadened and disguised. After his arrival Shevardnadse only increased mass repressions and terror against political opponents, which continued meetings and demonstrations against his arrival and usurpation of power by him. Punitive operations in western Georgia repeated several times with more brutality and ruthlessness. Russian army increased it's help to junta terrorists by arms, technique and specialists. Soon after Shevardnadse's arrival in Tbilissi his criminal "guardsmen" have robbed once more and burnt down my house in Tbilissi, Gali street 19, which was at the same time house-museum of my father wellknown Georgian writer Konstantin Gamsakhurdia. Burnt house stands in the same condition up to this day, in spete of talking Shevardnadse about his "friendship" with Konstantin Gamsakhurdia. The house was defiled several times by junta criminals. Western politicians, as well as the most part of mass media, kept silence about terror, repressions and vandalism in Georgia. Only the press of Finland and some german and Switzerland's newspapers wrote truth about the new terroristic regime and it's crimes. UN, CSCE, Red Cross and most of Human rights organizations refused to investigate facts of sta te terrorism and Human Rights violations, only the International society of Human Rights in Frankfurt am Main (IGFM) and finnish Helsinki Group were concerned deeply about these tragical events in Georgia.

The top of hipocricy and cinism was the visit of James Baker to Georgia, on the Independent Day anniversury at 26-th of May 1992. When James Baker was congratulating Shevardnadse and his supporters gathered on the Republican squere, before the hotel "Iveria", and spoke about democracy, on the distance of 200 meters from that place "Mkhedrioni" chastisers and police with dogs were dispersing another meeting of my supporters, shooting in the crowd and beating people ruthlessly. Baker heared these shoo tings, but made no comment and continued his speech.

ფოტოზე: საქართველოს რესპუბლიკის უზენაესი საბჭოს ეზო 1992 წლის 6 იანვრის დილით

ფოტოზე: პუტჩისტების ზეიმი, საქართველოს რესპუბლიკის უზენაესი საბჭოს მიმდებარე ტერიტორია, 1992 წლის 6 იანვრის დილა
On July 9-10th the CSCE summit was to be held in Helsinki. I, as the President of Georgia and founder of the first Helsinki group in 1975, was invited by the Georgia group of finnish parlaiment. Mr. Heikki Rühiarvi, leader of that group made three unsuccessfull applications to the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in attempt to obtain a visa for me to attend the CSCE summit. The ministry told MP Rühiarvi and the chairman of the Finland-Georgia society mrs. Aila Niinima - Kieppo, that I could arrive in Finnland only after the CSCE summit. No explanation was given to the Parlaimentary group of Finnland about this delaying of my visit, or to the fact, that the members of criminal group of "Mkhedrioni" and officers of KGB were allowed entrance to Finnland and I was not. Mr. Rühiarvi stated on this occasion: This goes against the rules of the CSCE, which is based on the respect for legality, democracy and acces to information and the ability to travel within the state: of the CSCE. How the CSCE can stopp Gamsakhurdia from coming to Finnland while heartily welcoming Edward Shevardnadse, who was involved in last year's putsch and who masterminded the illegal takeover in Georgia. The CSCE was meant to protect nations against criminal leaders such as Shevardnadse (See ABN correspondence, may-june 1992, no.3; vol XLIII). The similar letter of the protest was sent by me to the CSCE, but without result. Shevardnadse has taken part in the summit, as a messinger of peace and democracy. By this illegal act CSCE violated it's own document of the Moscow meeting of the states-participants on September 10-th to October 4-th 1991, namely punct 17-2, which declares: "If in some state-participant there will be an overthrow or an attempt of overthrow of democratically elected government by undemocratic methods, state-participants will support legal bodies of this state, according to the UN Charter". But in the case of Georgia quite opposite was proved. Having received Approval of CSCE, what was charachterized by one of the finnish newspapers as " permission to kill" as well as after receiving in UN, Shevardnadse's bloody regime activized terror, violence and genocide all over Georgia. In west Georgia people lead guerilla warfare against junta chastisers and marauders, which have invaded towns and villages. Many partizans were executed and tottured by junta.

In Tbilissi Shevardnadse's secret service has feigned a "coup attempt" on June 24-th, when unarmed supporters of President were lured in TV- building by the officers of interior troops, promising them free broadcasting of their appeal to Georgian people. After this they were arrested and tortured. Shevardnadse's junta announced, that it was an "unsuccesfull coup d'etat". Provocateurs of loseliani commited terroris­tic acts, during which, several persons were killed, and then "confessed" by television that they had instructions from President, to commit these terroristic acts. I sent a telegramm to Shevardnadse, where I wrote, that he tries to discredit me using methods of Stalin and Beria.

Now about the policy of Shevardnadse, concerning national minorities. Shevardnadse, whose propaganda blamed me as a "fascist","nationalist" and "enemy of the national minorities", now tries to solve their problems by direct violence and genocide, depriving them even the right to live and exist, not only autonomy. On august 11-th this year troops of "state Council" began a wide punitive expedition in Abkhazian Autonomous Republic. Shevardnadse and his "State Council" stated, that this invasion was necessary for sustaining public order in this region, espe cially on railway lines, but the public disorder, anarchy, genocide and total distraction and burning of the whole towns and villages after this invasion, is evident fact. In reality Shevardnadse's aim was to ove throw legal authorities of Autonomous Republic, because they did not persecute my supporters and were against introducing of totalitarian rules of junta in Abkhazia. There was no terror and repressions towards President's supporters, which had freedom of political life, their own newspaper "Agdgoma", could speak by local television. It is evident, that main purpose of the Abkhazian war, is to establish in this region Shevardnadses dictatorship and rule of his mafia. The war which has taken already 4 thousand lives, seems to be endless. The best expression of true aims of this war, as well as Shevardnadse's "program" of solving of the problems of national minorities, are in the words of his commander in chief, "general" G. Karkarashvili, which spoke by national television on August 25 and stated: "If Abkhazians will not cause resistance, my troops will kill all 97 thousand Abkhazians" i. e. whole nation. For this purpose Karkarashvili is ready to sacrifice about 100 thousand Georgian: also. Such is the policy of Shevardnadse, former communist dietator, general of KGB, policy of terror, robbery and genocide of national minorities and political opponents. On October 29-th the Defence-Minister Kitovani stated by Moscow television, that in Georgia there will be no more autonomies, that their fate will be solved by the military force. As we know in civilized world statements about such problems are made by the head of state, not by defence minister. It proves once more, that in spite of "democratic elections", in Georgia remains military terroristic dictatorship of criminal junta and all talks of Shevardnadse about the "civil rule" of Georgian state are simple lie. Involving northcaucasian peoples in Abkhazian war, Shevardnadse and his junta prepare basis for new Jugoslavia in Caucasus.Western Georgia, including Abkhazia is in ruins, thousands of refugees leave these regions every day.

Now about elections, which Shevardnadse promised to hold in Georgia "in according to the all standards, adopted in democratic countries". I ask democratic world, if in any democratic country, somebody has seen anticonstitutional, illegal "elections", appointed not by elected body, legal Parlaimemt, but by some illegal self-proclaimed gathering called "State Council" or junta,"election law" without quota, or necessary quantity of electors, repressions and terror before elections forcing people and even taking from them beforehand written obligations, that they will vote for a single candidate on the post of the speaker of the Parlaiment? 0r if in some democratic country there was elected speaker not by Parlaiment itself, but by "public voting"? Who has seen elections in the country, where there is a civil war, criminal anarchy, cur few in many towns? Who has seen electioms without secret voting in the mostt districts, when election poles for sec voting are made only in several districts of the capital, for showing them to the"international observers"? 0r when international observers do not control most of the election poles? When elections run in the most part of the districts openly, under the control of gunmen, who watch voters and check, for whom they are voting? When such gunmen even visit at home "disobedient" voters with boxes and force them to vote under the threat of death? Who has seen armoured vehicles, pursuing in the streets "electors", and drive them to election poles by force, as it was in the west Georgian town Martvili? Who has seen changing of the boxes for ballot-papers at the end of the day by the "election comission" and bringing new ones, seeng that ballot-papers were insufficient, as it was in the town Vani? Who has seen throwing in the box by one person 100-200 ballot-papers? Who has seen "election comissions" consisted of checked people, loyal to the government, without any access of opposition? 0r who has seen democratic elections without taking part of the oppositional parties and individuals? It is quite natural, that after such "elections" Shevardnadse was "elected" by the 96 % of voters. Such "elections" we have seen only in communist time, which now is revived in Georgia with great success, with many "novations" of Shevardnadse's regime.

Shevardnadse boasts, that now he has "democratically elected Parlaiment" in Georgia. However, after 15 days after elections only a part of the parlaimentary lists were published, where we see distribution of political forces, convinient for him. Former nomenclatura-partocrats, among them wellknown chastisers of 9-th of April and mafia bosses have great majotity in future "parlaiment". The rest of the lists were published later, because the was a great struggle among "candidates" to get into the nomenclature "parlaiment" and the greater chances had those who could prove by words and deeds fidelity to the "Speaker". But suddenly, on October 21 Shevardnadse announced that the first session of the new Parlaiment is delayed for an indeterminate time, because of the "complicated situation" in Georgia. In reality the main reason is the political struggle between "deputies" and danger from Kitovani, who threats with a new putsch, if he will be removed.

In spite of Shevardnadse's talks about market economy and prosperity, economic situation in Georgia is catastrophical. Russian Federation has given Georgia credits in size of 20 miliard roubles (See Moscow newspaper "Kuranti", October 1992 N 38(59); USA and Turkey have given Georgia several million dollars. All these credits, as well as the humanitarian aid is misappropriated by mafia officials, used for personal profit and for financing Abkhazian war and punitive expeditions in west Georgia (Megrelia). Nomenclature privatization is realized by the orders of junta leaders Ioseliani, Kitowani and others, all national property and valuable production is distributed among mafia clans. Most part of the population especially in towns and cities, is on the border of poverty and starvation. Agriculture is totally paralized, especially in western Georgia. Main reasons are civil war, lack of fuel, lack of agricultural technique and technology, and total chaos of nomenclatura privatization of the land, without any legislative basis, without the law about the land, also due the conflicts among landowners and their struggle against the former state farms for property, production robbing and misappropriating. Even the official sources announce that only in Tbilissi 3-5 men are dying of hunger daily, but according to our sources, they can be estimated by dozens. In conclusion I must say, that the criminal regime of Shevardnadse is constantly violating UN Charter, declaration of Human Rights, all principles of international law, including Helsinki agreement and Paris charter, all declarations, pacts and conventions about Human Rights and fundamental freedoms, makes terror and violence as the main principles of state policy of Georgia. It has no right to represent Georgi in UN and CSCE, and must be eliminated from these organizations. This regim has brought Georgia to the political and economical catastrophe, creates great danger of destabilization and war in the whole Caucasian region and even in Russia, creating premises to the serious world crisis. I,the legall and democratically elected President of Georgia in exile, appeal to UN, governments and parlaiments of the world, mass media, all international political and religions organizations, all men of good will, help Georgia in this disaster, condemn state terrorism of Shevardnadse's regime, declaring total boycott to it, including strictest sanctions, help Georgian people to get rid of it and restore legal Parlaiment and Government. Without that there will be no peace, stabilization and democratic development in Georgi and the whole Caucasian region.

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